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A UK favourite manufacturer of  Adjustable Beds since 2001

Since our formation, the search for the Best Adjustable Beds has been our driving force. More people than ever before are interested in the health and wellness benefits of sleeping in an adjustable bed. There are a lot of companies selling adjustable electric beds today and we appreciate your consideration of visiting our website. Once you’ve learned about the benefits of having an adjustable electric bed made for you, we’re confident your search for a better night’s sleep will end with us.

Adjustable Beds

Our Adjustable Beds are handmade to your height & weight in the uk

Rise & Recline Chairs

Luxury Rise & Recline chairs allow you to control your comfort

Acorn Stair Lifts

Regain independence  in your home with an Acorn Stairlift

Having a bed made to the correct height and weight of the user is the only way of guaranteeing the best night’s sleep, and because we deal direct with the public, owning an adjustable electric bed specially made for you will not cost you any more than buying your ‘one size fits all’ from any well-known store.

This website will show you how to Compare Adjustable Electric Beds and how to avoid being taken advantage of,  as well as provide you with a complete  Mattress Buying Guide.

Whatever you need to know you'll most likely be able to find it here, if not please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

          To View Our Adjustable Electric Bed Ranges and Prices Please Click on images below

Premier Life-style
Up-to 18 Stone

Premier Plus
Over 18 Stone

Premier Oak
Up-to 18 Stone

Prestige Low Foot-End
Up-to 18 Stone

Prestige with Foot-Board
Up-to 18 Stone

Height Adjustable 
Up-to 22 Stone

Decide what size of bed you need and whether you would like it to be split (dual).
Dual adjustable electric beds allow you to control one side of the bed while your partner controls the other side, thus enabling one person to sit up while the other lies down.

Beds not split (double) require that both people be in the same position.

Each bed base surround and headboard is made-to-order in the style, fabric and colour of your choice and designed in a style and size to suit the way you live, offering -quality, style, comfort, and Reliability . Fabric swatches are available to help you visualise how the fabric and colour of your choice will work in your bedroom. We also offer a range of oak bedsteads

We do have some popular sizes in stock for cases of emergency i.e. medical needs etc., but our normal delivery times are 3 to 4 weeks.

Whatever your individual needs are, be it difficulty sleeping, for medical reasons, for comfort in your later years, mobility reasons, or simply for choosing the ultimate in sleep comfort and support, choose an Abberley Adjustable Electric Bed.

Abberley Beds

A UK Manufacturer, Deliveries Nationwide, A Family Business Established in 2001

We look forward to serving you.

Richard & Louise