Superior Vita Talalay Latex

Vita Talalay® is a superior, resilient rubber latex that offers comfort and durability for a top quality mattresses.


The open cell structure of Vita Talalay® manages your body heat while you sleep. The superb ventilation of Vita Talalay® latex helps body heat evaporate more easily and keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our Latex Mattresses are made with 5cm of Vita Talalay® upper layer and can be made with either a soft to medium support for user/s up to 15 stones or a medium to firm support for user/s of over 15 stones lower layer load bearing foam.

Memory foam shapes itself to the contours of your body to provide optimum support. But if you prefer the feel of a sprung mattress (without the springs), Latex would be a good alternative. It offers a similar level of support to memory foam, with the feel of a sprung mattress.

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