Adjustable Bed Base Surrounds

A 6ft Abberley Adjustable Bed with a single base surround

This article is about the differences in adjustable bed base surrounds, as well as other constructed elements – headboards and drawers.  

The first thing I need to explain is about adjustable bed sizes.

Adjustable Bed Sizes

Adjustable bed frames come in 2ft 3”, 2ft 6”, 3ft, 3ft 6”, and 4ft.

(4ft 6” frames are available, but I don’t advise you getting one unless the bed is going in a ground floor bedroom with easy access.  They’re normally too big to fit upstairs and negotiate a landing).

The standard length for adjustable bed frames is 6ft 6”.  Although some are available in 7ft, and it’s possible (for us) to trim down certain frames. 

For 5ft and 6ft beds, two frames are used.  Although if only one person is going to be using in the bed, it is possible to synchronise the two frames so they move together.

Bespoke Adjustable Bed Base Surround vs. Off-the-Shelf

Now depending on where you buy an adjustable bed, it will either be made to order, or off-the-shelf.

Off-the-shelf beds are usually supplied as a complete unit.  As in, the adjustable mechanism is fixed into the base surround. 

The problem with this is, it can be very difficult to manoeuvre a complete adjustable bed around your home, especially if it has to go upstairs.

It also means 5ft and 6ft beds consist of two separate beds joined together.  I’ve had a lot of customers in our showroom assume that was the only option for larger beds.

But we devised our own way of making adjustable bed base surrounds, whereby the panels fasten together at the corners. 

So we can make a single surround for a 5ft or 6ft bed, because we can deliver it disassembled, not as one solid base.

Single 6ft adjustable bed base surround - not two individual beds

This also means we can also get around tighter corners, negotiate lower ceilings, and access upper floors more easily than if it was a complete bed.

And, once assembled, it doesn’t look like an adjustable bed.