Bespoke Adjustable Beds from
Care & Comfort

Care & Comfort is an independent, family-owned adjustable bed manufacturer based in Rochford, Essex.

6ft Dual Adjustable Bed with Grand Headboard & Side Drawers

Seven Reasons for Choosing a Care & Comfort Adjustable Bed

Podded Adjustable Bed Frame

1.  We use advanced suspension pod frames, as opposed to wooden slatted frames.  Each individual pod contours as you move, helping distribute your body-weight and relieving pressure.

2.  We make our own adjustable bed mattresses, each containing three layers of foam, chosen according to your build and preference. We don't glue the layers together, so should you find your mattress is too soft or firm, we can send a replacement out to you to change the feel of the mattress.

3.  Our beds arrive disassembled, meaning we can negotiate through tighter spaces than ready-built bases. Our expert engineer will build your bed on-site, talk you through how the bed works, and remove all packaging materials.

4.  You can have drawers either at the side or foot of the bed. Our drawers are mounted on castors, making them stronger than drawers on runners. And you can fully remove them to access underneath the bed for cleaning.

5.  You can customise your bed with a variety of accessories for extra comfort and convenience, including memory motor systems, bedside lamp control, under-bed motion sensor lights, and massage systems.

6.  We are specialists in adjustable beds, so we can maintain and repair your bed over the course of its life. Generic or high street shops will likely say to replace the whole bed, even if only a small part is damaged.

7.  As a small business, we have to care more about you as a customer in order to protect our reputation, and to hopefully receive referrals and further business from you in the future. National chain stores are big enough to get away with shoddy, impersonal service. But as we don't have that luxury, you will be appreciated and respected as one of our valued customers.

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