The Abberley Adjustable Double Bed

An adjustable double bed measures 4ft 6in (140cm) across, and you have a choice of two types of base surrounds.

  1. Coupled base - this is two separate base surrounds that are positioned next to each other (Overall width 4ft 8in) and can be separated and used individually if you wish.

  2. Dual base - this is one base surround, but there are two adjustable bed frames that operate independently from each other.

See our page on adjustable twin beds for more details about these surrounds.

Abberley Adjustable Double Bed Prices

Dual Base:  £1295

Coupled Base: £1345

These prices include:

An upholstered base surround upholstered in a colour of your choice;

Ultima Memory Foam '55' mattress(es), rated up to 15 stone;
Adjustable double Bed Mechanism(s), rated up to 18 stone;

Delivery and installation to most uk postcodes;

North Yorkshire, Cumbria, County Durham, Northumberland, Devon, Cornwall and Wales £75 Delivery and installation applies.

N.B. All Prices Exclude VAT. You maybe exempt from paying VAT if your purchase is for a medical condition, Learn More.

If you require any upgrades or optional extras for your Double Adjustable Bed, please see below:

Mechanism Upgrades

5-Part Deluxe Mechanism
(over 15 stone) - £95 each.

5-Part Sliding Mechanism
slides back towards bedside cabinets when in sitting position  - £295 each.

5-Part ‘Ultramatic’ Pod Mechanism  £295 each.

Mattress Upgrades

‘Ultima75' - for over 15 stone, with a medium to firm density - £40.

'Ultralux75’ - for any weight, with a medium to firm density and an additional layer of soft memory foam for added comfort - £50.

Talalay Latex - £250.

Handset Upgrades

Infra-red - £70 each

Battery back-up - £30 each

Massage System

- 5 separate units built into the mattress with adjustable intensity, pulse and wave functions - £120

Optional Extras

Matching Headboards - £135 (4ft 6in)

Drawers - Foot end or sides - £75 each

Mattress Covers - £65

Moisture Resistant Protectors - £40

Memory Foam Contour Pillow 61 x 31 x 11/8 - £30 each

Memory Foam Traditional Pillow 65 x 45 x 11 - £35 each

Additional Pillow Protectors x 2 - £10

Adjustable Bed Sheets 4ft 6in x 6ft 6in - £30

Extension Lead 6-way lead for electric motors, massage units, lamps. - £10

The above prices do not include VAT. But if your bed purchase is for a medical condition, you may be exempt from paying VAT. Please ask us for details!

To discuss your needs with one of our advisors (with no pressure and no obligation), call 01702 530847 today.

If you'd prefer not to telephone, simply fill out this form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Richard and Louise Broom.

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