The Two Types of Adjustable Twin Bed

An adjustable twin bed has two separate mechanisms and two individual mattresses that can be controlled independently of each other.

This is the perfect solution if:

  • You or your partner needs an adjustable bed for medical reasons, but the other person prefers to sleep flat. Being able to control the two mattresses separately means you won't have to switch to separate beds;
  • You like to sit up reading in bed while your partner prefers to go straight to sleep;
  • You need to go to the bathroom in the night and don't want to disturb your partner;
  • You and your partner need different sleeping positions for maximum comfort.

Type 1 - Coupled Base

The majority of adjustable beds have a coupled base, which is two separate bed bases pushed together, with one adjustable bed mechanism in each

Abberley coupled base

You might choose this option if one day you decide to sleep in a separate room to your partner.

A coupled base is the most common type of twin adjustable bed, but because we hand make beds in our own workshop, we're able to offer an alternative...

Type 2 - Dual Base

A dual base is a surround we make to fit around the two adjustable bed mechanisms.

Dual base

It gives the appearance of an ordinary double bed, but it benefits from the functionality of a twin.

We created the dual base to give a nicer finish to our twin beds - to avoid them looking like two single beds pushed together, it's a good option if you don't plan to sleep in a separate room to your partner.

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