Benefits of a bespoke adjustable bed

In addition to the general health benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed, there are additional benefits to having an adjustable bed made for you including offering you the correct level of comfort and support by laying on the correct thickness of slats to suit your body shape together with having the correct suspension shoes that house the slats to suit your height and weight.

You can also have your adjustable bed designed with some additional creature comforts like a hand-made mattress making you more comfortable, with optional built-in massage to help you relax. Your adjustable bed can have other added luxury/convenience features like being customised to suit a couple if required plus choosing to have your adjustable bed to coordinate with your home furnishings.

For the same price as an adjustable bed from a high street retailer, you can have a custom-made adjustable bed made to a specific height from floor to mattress top to suit  you. So rather than buying a ‘one size fits all’ adjustable bed and mattress set, the benefits of having an adjustable bed made for you’ is a bed made to suit your own personal needs and comfort preferences, resulting in a relaxing and comfortable nights sleep!

After all, how can a person weighing 8 stone and a person weighing 16 stone possibly feel comfortable on a ‘one size fits all’ bed or mattress, no wonder people are constantly changing their bed and mattress!