5 Reasons Why Cheap Adjustable Beds Are Cheap

First of all, our apologies if you were originally looking for cheap adjustable beds. But we feel it's our duty to warn people about buying cheap beds, and educate them on the benefits of investing in a quality bed.

But as you were probably looking for a deal, at the bottom of the page are details of our special discount adjustable bed package.

So let's begin...

Cheap adjustable beds are available on the internet, except they don’t mention cheap quality, retailers are not in the same position as manufacturers, the reason is simple, they have to add the retail profit margin and cover the rather large overheads of a retail shop, there is no way that a retailer can offer the same quality bed and still compete with the adjustable bed manufacturer.

Any manufacturer can cut out the retailer to reduce the cost to the public, but still offer a quality product at a far better price.

  1. A cheap bed won't be made specifically for your height and weight. So the frame may be too soft or too hard, both of which could cause discomfort and possibly back problems.

  2. Similarly, if the electric motor isn't correctly rated for you weight, its lifespan may be significantly reduced. Replacing it would be an extra expense.

  3. Cheap adjustable beds may only adjust in three parts. For maximum comfort (which is why you're buying an adjustable bed, isn't it?), you should invest in a bed with a four or five part frame.

  4. The bed surrounds may not be of a very high standard. On cheaper beds the surround fabric is often only stretched over an outside frame. This could cause it to sag in the middle over time.
    We hand make our surrounds, and gaurantee they will stand the test of time.

  5. It may not have a very long guarantee. On any product the length of the guarantee is an indication of how confident the manufacturer is of its quality.

And as we manufacture our beds, we're confident enough to guarantee them for 10 years.

Now about that discount adjustable bed package!

A 5ft Dual Adjustable Bed shown with optional foot end drawers.

We're currently running a very special offer.

For just £1395.00 you'll receive:

  • A 5ft king-size dual adjustable bed;
  • Two 'Ultima55™' Memory Foam Mattresses (tailored to yours and your partner's height/s and weight/s);
  • Your choice of Cream, Coffee or Brown Faux Suede or Champagne Chenille upholstered base surround;
  • FREE Headboard or Massage System.
  •  Delivery & Installation to most Postcodes for £20.

Don't need a king-size? We have other adjustable bed sizes available with the same excellent value offers!

(Please note, offer excludes furnishings and drawers. Optional extras may be purchased with this offer. Quoted prices exclude VAT, which you may be exempt from if your purchase is for a medical reason).

To take advantage of our discount adjustable bed offer, please contact us using this form or call our showroom on 01702 530847.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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