Simple 5-Step Guide to Choosing a Mattress

Choosing a mattress can be a mind-boggling experience. Fortunately, we've simplified the process so you can quickly and easily compare memory foam mattresses and see which one will give you the best night's sleep.

1. Your Weight

Your weight is one of the main things to consider when looking for a memory foam mattress. Memory foam comes in various densities to match people's weight. If it's too firm and you have a small frame, you'll only be resting on top of the memory foam and you won't be experiencing it's full benefits.

On the other hand, if you sink too far into the foam, it won't do your posture any good.

Option: if you weigh less than 15 stone, we recommend our Ultima55 mattress. If you're over 15 stone you should try our Ultima75 mattress, which has a denser base foam layer.

2. Your Height

Our mattresses are available in two depths, 8 or 10-inches. If you're quite tall, you may prefer a 10-inch mattress as it will obviously be higher up off the ground.

You can test your ideal bed height by sitting on the edge of it. Your hips should be slightly higher than your knees. This is so that when you stand up, you're using your leg muscles rather than your back, which could cause straining.

Option: decide whether you'd prefer a 10-inch mattress if you're above average height.

3. Do You Have an Adjustable Bed?

If you use an adjustable bed, we strongly recommend you buy an 8-inch mattress. In our experience we have found this to be the optimal depth for mattresses for adjustable beds.

If you have a deeper mattress than this, it won't bend properly with the bed and you won't feel the full benefit of your adjustable bed.

Option: if you have an adjustable bed we recommend an 8-inch mattress. (All our mattresses are available in either 8 or 10-inch).

4. Do You Want the Ultimate Comfort?

If so, we have a extra special mattress for you, the Ultralux. This is our most luxurious mattress as it contains an extra top layer of Super Soft foam. The Ultralux is suitable for people of all builds.

Option: Decide whether you'd like an 8 or 10-inch Ultralux based on the points above.

5. Do You Need a Firm Mattress?

Sometimes when choosing a mattress what you want is different to what you need. For example, if you prefer a firm mattress you should try out our Ultima75. But, if you know you need a firm mattress but you actually want a softer one, our Ultralux is the ideal solution. The supporting foam density is 75kg (providing firmness), but the additional Super Soft layer makes it feel softer than it is.

Option: Decide whether you'd like an 8 or 10-inch Ultralux based on the points above.

We hope this guide to choosing a mattress has been helpful to you. If you have have any questions please call us on 01702 530847 for no-pressure, expert advice. Or fill out this contact form.

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