Double Memory Foam Mattresses

On this page you'll find prices for our double memory foam mattresses.

You have a choice of three different mattresses, Ultima55, Ultima 75 and Ultralux and each mattress comes in two depths, 8 or 10 inches.

To help you choose your ideal mattress, you'll probably find it useful to read our guide on choosing a mattress first.  (This page will open in a new window/tab, so you can easily come back to this page).

Memory Foam Double Mattress Prices

8-inch depth - £280.00
10-inch depth - £300.00

8-inch depth - £330.00
10-inch depth - £350.00

8-inch depth - £390.00
10-inch depth - £420.00

The dimensions of a British double mattress is 54x75 inches.

Six Reasons Why You Should Buy a Double Memory Foam Mattress From Us

We are a family-run memory foam mattress manufacturer, based in Essex,  not a large faceless chain store.

Our livelihood depends upon offering expert advice, creating superb quality products and giving excellent customer service. 

The buck stops with us so we have to do a good job;

If you advise us of your height and weight we can take this into account to create the perfect mattress for you;

Your mattress will contain a minimum 3-inches of memory foam for ultimate comfort.  Some cheaper mattresses only have 1-inch or less of memory foam;

We don't laminate our mattresses as some other manufacturers do.  This retains the open-celled nature of the memory foam, which helps with airflow and keeping cool;

Your mattress will be supplied with a breathable and non-allergenic cover;