Heavy Duty
Electric Adjustable Beds

Our heavy duty electric adjustable beds use our deluxe frames that are designed to take weights of 18 stone plus. There are a number of special features that separate the deluxe frames from standard frames, and these enable them to hold more weight. The electric motor is rated at 100 watts instead of 50 watts, for better performance.

The reinforced slats on
our deluxe frame

Heavy Duty Slats

Online slats on our deluxe frame.
The ends sit above the side of the frame.

Inline slats on our standard frame.
The slats slot into the side of the frame.

The best adjustable beds are matched to the individual user's height and weight. An under-rated frame won't last as long as a correctly-rated frame. And an under-powered motor may burn out. You should probably look at heavy duty bed even if you're on the borderline weight limit of a standard bed. It would be a false economy not to spend the extra money on your bed, if you find it wears out sooner than it should. And the extra investment is your peace of mind that your new bed should serve you well for good many years.

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