How To Buy A Mattress You'll Love!

This page will give you 7 simple and effective tips on how to buy a mattress. Buying a mattress is serious business. It's a big investment.

And if you make a mistake when choosing a mattress, you could end up suffering with back problems, broken sleep, and all the knock-on effects of not getting a good night's sleep.

So here are our 7 top tips on how to buy a mattress...

  1. You need to lay on the mattress just as if you were going to sleep. Take off your shoes and coat, as this will affect how the mattress feels, (and I imagine you don't ususally sleep in your coat and shoes!)

  2. Don't compare mattresses when you're tired - they'll all feel great! This could lead to inaccurate results with your 'testing'.

  3. Make sure both partners are present. You don't want to be arguing about the mattress being too hard after you've bought it!

  4. Ask to be left alone. We realise you're putting yourself in quite a vulnerable position, lying down on a bed. No-one then wants a salesmen hovering over them. Lay on the bed for as long as possible, in a variety of positions.

  5. When you're ready, get somebody to analyse whether you have the correct level of firmness. This particularly applies to memory foam mattresses.

    For example, we have petite people come into our showroom that ask for a firm mattress. But when they lie on it, they don't sink into it at all, which means the memory foam isn't giving the benefit it's supposed to.

    Sinking too far into the foam isn't good either. An experienced salesperson will be able to advise on the optimum density for your mattress.

  6. This is a little known problem... If you own an Ikea bed but looking to buy a mattress elsewhere, you'll have to buy a European-sized mattress. And yes, they do differ from British sizes! Alternatively, if you get in touch with us, we can make you a custom-sized mattress that will fit your bed perfectly.

  7. Ask how long the mattress is guaranteed for. Ours are for 15 years, which we think is pretty good!

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