Useful Information on Adjustable Bed Types

This is a hub page of information on adjustable bed types. We've listed the different styles of beds, so scroll down and click on heading of the one you're interested for more details.

If you'd like to read about beds of specific sizes, see our adjustable bed prices section.

Adjustable Twin bed

There are two types of twin adjustable beds - dual base and coupled base. Which one you choose will depend on your personal circumstances, and whether you would need to seperate them at some point.

Adjustable Height Home Care Bed

If you have mobility issues or use a wheelchair, you may find getting in and out of bed easier with an adjustable height bed, or if you have carers an adjustable height bed can be very useful.

Adjustable Memory Foam Bed

In our opinion, the combination of an adjustable bed and a memory foam mattress will improve your comfort in bed, quality of sleep and possibly help ease back and joint pain.

Heavy Duty Electric Adjustable Bed

It's important to choose the right adjustable bed for your height and weight. Doing so will make your bed last longer and perform better.