Your Essential Mattress Buying Guide

Welcome to our complete mattress buying guide section which will help you in your task of choosing the correct mattress.

  • We have spent many years developing our Memory Foam Mattress System and feel it is the ideal mattress for comfort, pressure relief and longevity of use on an Adjustable Bed.
  • We only use UK Sourced foams in all our mattresses meeting with all relevant British fire and safety standards.
  • We do not Vacuum pack our mattresses, and contrary to information by other brands this does have an effect on the quality, performance and Longevity of the mattresses.
  • All our mattresses are genuinely made in our own factory.
  • We only use the best outer fabric to give temperature/moisture and anti-bacterial control for our mattresses.
  • We have developed the ideal ratio of memory foam to durable base foam to give the best comfort. We use a minimum of 7cm of memory foam which is the ideal depth to give the perfect pressure relief to the sleeper.

Like our information on adjustable bed types section, this page is organised as a hub of information on more specific topics...

How To Buy a Mattress

This guide tells you what you should do in a bed showroom, and how you should go about buying a bed.

Choosing a Mattress

This is a simple 5-point checklist for choosing a memory foam mattress, so you get the best night's sleep possible.

What To Look For In The Best Memory Foam Mattress

Do you know what to look for in a memory foam mattress? Here's our seven-point checklist to help you in finding the best mattress for your requirements.

Mattresses For Adjustable Beds

If you're looking for a mattress specifically for an adjustable bed, there are three important considerations you should take into account.

We hope this information has been useful.  Most of our customers are buying a new bed because of a medical need, for example arthritis or sleep apnea.  To discuss your particular needs please call us on 01702 530847.  We'll be happy to recommend a solution, even if you don't end up puchasing from us!