Three Things to Look Out For in
Mattresses For Adjustable Beds

Mattresses for adjustable beds have special requirements. The wrong mattress for your adjustable bed could prove to be uncomfortable to sleep and reduce the lifespan of the mattress. This guide will help you to avoid this expensive problem.

Here are three considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for your mattress:

1. Foam or Sprung?

Conventional sprung mattresses have metal work around the edges, which limits how much they can bend. Sprung mattresses for adjustable beds don't have this, which enables them to bend correctly with the bed.

A sprung mattress on an adjustable bed

However, in our opinion memory foam mattresses are better suited than sprung. There are a range of other reasons why memory foam is better for you, which you can see in our guide on choosing a mattress.

One of our handmade memory foam mattresses on an adjustable bed

Foam mattresses are more convenient for adjustable beds. You can leave the bed in the upright position all day long, i.e. you don't have to return the bed to it's flat position every time you get out of it. With a sprung mattress you would have to do this, to prevent any possible damage to the springs.

Consequently when you want to get into bed, you may have to adjust it so it's upright first.

If you do decide to go for a sprung mattress, make sure it doesn't have metal work around the edges.

2. Thickness of the Mattress

Our memory foam mattresses contour
perfectly with the position of your bed

If you buy a mattress that's ten inches deep, it may not bend correctly when you raise the head end of the bed. Some companies sell memory foam mattresses that are only six inches deep. This means there's less memory foam and less of the load-bearing layer of foam than is advised.

If you don't have the correct support the mattress won't last as long. And if you start to see an indentation, it's time to replace it.

We recommend that the ideal depth for and mattresses for adjustable beds is eight inches. This is enough to provide good, comfortable support whilst at the same time bending with the contours of your adjustable bed frame.

Follow the link for more tips on how to choose the best memory foam mattress for you.

3. Length of the Mattress

Believe it or not, mattress lengths do vary. A standard mattress is 6ft 3in whereas an adjustable bed mattress is 6ft 6in. It needs the extra three inches to allow for bending.

So you have to double check this when you're shopping for a mattress. Ideally of course you'll go to a specialist adjustable bed manufacturer like us!

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