The Abberley Prestige Adjustable Bed

Abberley Prestige adjustable bed with optional footboard

Our Prestige adjustable beds have a range of useful extra features, including...

  • Wireless handset with memory function - save up to three bed positions in the handset;
  • Bedside lamp control from the handset;
  • Under-bed LED light bars.

They also include our Grand headboard, which is thicker and taller than our Standard headboard, and available with or without panels.

And...  You have a choice of two premium adjustable mechanisms...

The Podded Frame

The Prestige Podded bed has a unique podded frame, as opposed to wooden slats. 

The pods have three levels of firmness; the firmest are in the centre of the bed, to provide more support when you're sitting upright.  The softest, at your head and neck.  And the remaining pods have a medium firmness.

The idea behind the pods is they help distribute your body weight more evenly across the bed, in order to reduce pressure.  You can also remove the pods and swap them around, to truly customise the feel of your bed.

The Sliding Frame

When the head section of the sliding frame is raised to about halfway, the whole thing begins to slide backwards. 

And by the time it's fully upright, the frame is around 25cm further back towards the headboard than a non-sliding frame. 

This is particularly useful if you spent time sitting upright in bed, as you'll be closer for reaching items from your bedside cabinet.


Single Base

3ft 0in - £1695

4ft 0in - £1895

4ft 6in - £2795

5ft 0in - £2995

6ft 0in - £3195

Coupled Base

3ft 0in - n/a

4ft 0in - n/a

4ft 6in - £2995

5ft 0in - £3195

6ft 0in - £3395

The above prices do not include VAT.  If you're buying an adjustable bed for a medical condition, we may be able to zero-rate your purchase for VAT.  Please ask us for details!

Optional Extras

  • Standard/large drawer - £95/£115 each
  • Wireless handset - £120 each
  • Contour memory foam pillow - £45
  • Traditional shape memory foam Pillow - £40
  • 5-Point Prestige massage system - £225 each
  • 100% Jersey cotton fitted sheet (white or ivory) - £25
  • Mattress protector - £40
  • Bedheight decrease/increase - £75/£150

Delivery & Installation

Click here to check delivery and installations costs to your area.

Bed Disposal Service

If you need us to remove and dispose of your old bed, there is an additional charge of £60 for 2ft 6in, 3ft, and 4ft beds, and £110 for 4ft 6in, 5ft, and 6ft beds.