Abberley's New Prestige Memory
Foam Adjustable Bed

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An Abberley Prestige memory foam adjustable bed featuring Mocha Impala upholstery on the base surround with matching Headboard, storage drawer,and Memory Foam mattresses.
Memory Foam Adjustable Bed

Do you need need a memory foam adjustable bed because of a medical condition or mobility issue?

Are you looking for an Adjustable Bed with added features as well as outstanding quality more than anything else?

Our new Prestige range fits the bill perfectly.

We've pulled out all the stops in creating the Prestige range, which is actually harder than it sounds.

You see, the quality of our Standard beds is good. Very good. In fact, customers actually ask us why our prices are so low. (They'd shopped around and realised we offer outstanding value for money).

So how do we improve on an already great product?

Well, we focussed on the individual aspects that make up our beds and worked on improving them one by one. And the result is the Prestige memory foam adjustable bed that features the best of everything...

Bespoke Build

Memory Foam Adjustable Bed Drawer

Your Prestige memory foam adjustable bed will be built to your prefered height. Having your bed at the right height can help prevent any unneccessary strain when you stand up or sit down.

Memory Foam or Latex Mattress

You have a choice of either our top of the range 'Ultralux' memory foam mattress or our Talalay Latex mattress.

You might consider Latex if you prefer the feel of a conventional sprung mattress, or if you are worried about being warmer on a Memory Foam mattress, one of the main benefits of Latex is that it remains a consistent temperature all year around. Regular memory foam mattresses can be heat sensitive, which makes it feel slightly firmer in winter and slightly softer in the summer. The upper layer of the mattress is 2 inches of Latex. The middle and lower layers are built according to your height and weight for optimal support and comfort, just like all our mattresses.

Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

'Ultramatic' Podded mechanism with colour-coded differing support for shoulder and lumber support.
Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

We fit Ultramatic Lunar Podded mechanisms in the Prestige range. These give you point-by-point support for all areas of your body, providing the optimal distribution of pressure, resulting in a unique sleeping experience.

So areas that are particularly sensitive to pressure, like your shoulders, are supported by the light grey softer feel pod's, with the lumber region being offered greater support by the grey/red pod's. The pod's are interchangeable to suit your own personal preferance.

Massage Handset

The Prestige massage handset with pulse and wave buttons.
Massage Unit Handset

This is the new Prestige handset that controls the massage system. As well as pulse and wave buttons, you have a choice of five intensity settings and a memory function to save your own preferred massage settings.

Bed Remote Control

The Prestige bed remote control with three new and incredibly useful features!
Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

Like we said earlier, every element of our Prestige bed is top-of-the range. And the remote control is no exception. Here are the three exciting new features of this handset:

  1. It has three memory buttons so you can store three different bed positions into the handset. Whatever position the bed is in, simply press and hold one of the memory buttons, and the bed will automatically return to your saved preference;

  2. It has a built in LED torch, so you won't have to clutter up your beside table if you like to keep a torch at hand;

  3. Your bedside lamp simply plugs into your new bed allowing it to be switched on and off by way of the bed remote control! This is particularly useful if you like to sleep with your bed slightly raised, whereby it may be awkward to turn around and reach your lamp.


You have a choice of two new premium upholstery collections, as well as our wood grain effect base surround.

Inspirations is a collection of contemporary designs in luxury chenille. For more swatches see our bed fabric photos.

Impala is an incredibly hard-wearing luxury upholstery fabric, that combines a soft velvet feel, with outstanding cleaning results and exceptional durability, offered in a range of stylish and vibrant colours.
watch their video here.

Single bed from the Prestige range in Pippy Oak Woodgrain on silver glides, with 'Ultralux' Memory Foam mattress.
Wood Grain Surround Adjustable Bed

But really it's best to come into our showroom so you can see the full range and try out our beds for yourself.

To arrange an informal visit and chat, call Richard or Louise on
01702 530847.


Single bed from the Prestige range upholstered in Mocha Impala stain resistant fabric, with matching headboard and drawer.
Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

One or two drawers are included with the Prestige bed, and you can choose where they are positioned.


Your headboard upholstery will also be from the Impala or Inspirations range, but it doesn't have to be the same as your bed surround. In fact, we can help you choose headboard fabric that perfectly compliments your bed surround for a fantastic look.

To make enquiry please use this contact form or call us on 01702 530847.

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