Why should you invest in a power lift
recliner chair as well as one of
our adjustable beds?

Our power lift recliner chair
in the raised position
Power Lift Recliner Chair

Save £100 if you invest in one of our lift recliner chairs the same time as one of our adjustable beds!

Like a lot of our customers, you may have difficulty moving around. People buy (and are delighted with) our adjustable beds, because they help them sit up, lie down and sleep in bed with ease.

And as we delight in making life easier for our customers, we thought it only natural to offer lift recliner chairs alongside our beds.

So let's tell you a bit about them...

Electric Lift Chair

The electric rise and recliner chair is controlled by a simple-to-use 6-button handset. It contains a powerful dual motor mechanism, which raises the chair from rest to standing position. This allows walk in, walk out access.

And the sprung loaded foot rest and back rest can be operated independently allowing numerous sitting positions.

You have a choice of three designs - Kendal, Rutland or Lavenham designs, and various colours.

Call Richard or Louise on 01702 530847 to arrange to see swatches.

Power Lift Chair

Just like with our beds, experienced craftsman play a key role in the production cycle. Traditional skills are still required to create quality products that will stand the test of time. Ever power lift recliner chair has a two-year frame guarantee and five-year seat interior guarantee. We have a lot of confidence in the quality of our products!

Power Lift Chair


  • Height 105cm (41¼in)
  • Width 84cm (33in)
  • Depth 94cm (37in)

Price shown for Rise & Recline Chair excludes VAT