Standard  Adjustable Beds

 Extremely high quality well built Adjustable Beds which can be supplied as a matter of urgency, offering outstanding value for money.

Our standard range of adjustable electric beds offer a 5-point adjustable bed mechanism, cabled handset with head and foot section adjustability at an outstanding price, available in Cream Chenille and suitable for users up-to 15 stone, height from floor to mattress top approx 24 inches.

Abberley Standard Adjustable Beds

  • Abberley Bed Base on Legs
  • Upholstered Cream Chenille
  • Abberley Standard Electric Bed Mechanism up to 15 Stone
  • Whisper Quiet German Motor and Handset
  • Abberley Ultima 40 Memory Foam Mattress Up to 15 Stone 
  • 2 year guarantee

Shallow base on Legs

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