So What is The Best Mattress?

A lot of people ask us "what is the best mattress?", and we always reply "memory foam!"

High quality memory foam mattresses,
handmade by Abberley beds

Five Reasons Why We Recommend You
Invest in a Memory Foam Mattress:

  1. They mould to your body, where as on a sprung mattress you rest on top of it;

  2. They are an inhospitable environment for bed bugs and dust mites, particularly important if you suffer with asthma or other allergies;

  3. They can be tailor-made to yours and your partners height and weight, unlike sprung mattresses;

  4. They can be made to a custom size, whereas sprung mattresses only come in standard sizes;

  5. If you want a massage system with a sprung mattress it has to be attached to the bed frame. On a foam mattress it can be installed within the actual mattress, giving a much better massage.

Memory Foam Mattress Prices


There is a common misconception about foam mattresses. Some believe they retain heat, causing you to be hot at night. Foam by it's nature has an open-celled structure, which causes air to circulate and actually helps you stay cool!

The problem comes when companies laminate the mattress. They do this to supposedly to stop the layers of foam slipping. (In reality this is unnecessary as the layers won't slip). This is what stops the air circulation, making you hotter.

Read our guide on what to look for in the best memory foam mattress.

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