The Best Adjustable Bed Guide

Andrew & Fi Gardner, owners of Care & Comfort Products

If you’re looking to invest in an adjustable bed, then this is the most exciting website you could have found today! 

My name’s Andrew Gardner, and my company, Care & Comfort Products, has been at the forefront of the adjustable bed market since 2001.

We hand build bespoke adjustable beds in our factory just outside Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

I’ve pooled our combined knowledge, experience, and expertise into this website, so you can make an informed, educated decision about buying an adjustable bed.

You'll also find information about our beds - the Abberley range - and how we might be able to help you.

6ft Super King Adjustable BedA 6ft Abberley Prestige bed with custom-height headboard, optional footboard, and drawers

Adjustable Bed Guide

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Our Beds

adjustable beds

Abberley Premier Bed

(up to 18 stone)

adjustable beds

Abberley Premier Plus Bed

(18 - 22 stone)

Abberley Prestige Bed

(up to 18 stone)

adjustable beds

Abberley Lifter Bed

(up to 18 stone)

All our beds are handmade to order.  This mean you have much more choice in terms of colour, fabric, and accessories.  We can also make your bed to be just the right height for you, making it more comfortable getting in and out.

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