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Important news for those who suffer from a condition that makes it difficult to sleep comfortably

Andrew Gardner, owner of Care & Comfort

Care & Comfort’s Abberley “bespoke adjustable bed” is ideal for men and woman age 50+, who have trouble sleeping because of medical or other conditions that cause physical discomfort, or pain.

Your Abberley mattress is customised to the perfect density for someone of your height and weight.

Our 5-part adjustable “podded” frame makes it easy to position the bed to fit the contour of your body for more comfortable and restful sleep.

You can automatically configure your Abberley adjustable bed to your favorite sleeping position, in seconds, at the push of a button.

Made in the UK

6ft Abberley Adjustable featuring unique 5-part suspension pod frames

We manufacture Abberley adjustable beds and mattresses in our own factory, near Southend-on-Sea.

The Abberley mattress is made up of three separate and interchangeable layers of foam for optimal support, as you like it best – soft and plush, or springier and firmer.

Foam in Abberley mattresses is “open-celled,” and the layers are not glued together. This allows air to pass through it naturally, making the mattress cooler.

And you can swap out or reposition layers to give you the ideal feel and support.

Modern & contemporary adjustable beds

In addition, the Abberley is a very handsome bed, with a clean, contemporary design. 

Length, height, colour, fabric, and accessories enable our adjustable bed to optimally accommodate your sleeping preferences and go beautifully with your décor. 

Headboards can be upholstered in your choice of any of 300 different colours, with stain-resistant fabrics available.

Because Abberley adjustable beds are made in our UK factory, getting one delivered to your home in England is quick and easy. We deliver right to your door. Assemble it in your bedroom. Remove all the packing material – and even take away your old bed if you wish.

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