The benefits of buying direct from an adjustable bed manufacturer

We are a specialist adjustable bed manufacturer.  But you do have several other options when it comes to buying an adjustable bed.

Who you buy from can have a big impact on your overall experience and final decision - which may not always be a good thing.

So let’s look at all the options.

High-street retailers

Whether you visit an actual High Street or an out-of-town complex, there are plenty or retail chains where you can go to buy a bed, from general retailers to household retailers to bed specialist.

The advantage of a retailer is that you can along and try out the bed before you buy. The problem is, it’s often a false convenience.

Some stores will only have a handful of beds, which doesn’t give you much choice to make an informed decision, and if you’re looking for an adjustable bed, your options are much more limited—often to a single model!

Unless you go to a bed specialist or even a medical products specialist, you’re unlikely to be able to try out all the variations on a given manufacturer’s line.

At most you’ll have access to one or two models from each manufacturer. And even in the most specialised retailers, the showroom assistants are unlikely to have specialised knowledge about the full range of options for every manufacturer, let alone maintenance and care advice.

A lot of the time beds in showrooms are poorly set up and poorly maintained, so you won’t get a fair impression from them.

Online retailers

You can buy complete adjustable beds ready-made online. The trick is to know whether you’re buying from an adjustable bed manufacturer like us, with extensive knowledge of the product and the ability to customise it to your specific needs...

Or a drop-shipper who might source the frame from one supplier, the base from another, and the mattress from another and have them shipped to you independently or from a processing warehouse.

If you’re buying from an online retailer, much like the high-street retailer, they won’t have extensive product knowledge and experience, and won’t offer the support and after-sales care of a manufacturer, because they are simply taking an order and fulfilling it. They might not even see the product.

In-home sales reps

There are companies who will send a sales rep out to you to talk you through the product range, features and benefits, and show you material swatches and foam samples, “Because you can’t get to the showroom.”

Again, this can feel convenient, but it can be a false impression.

The problem with in-home sales is that it’s frequently a high-pressure sales environment. Sales reps are often working on a commission-only basis or with a high performance-based salary proportion and are under instructions not to leave the premises without the sale.

You can be exposed to a lot of psychological trickery if not outright bullying to get you to buy.

If you do agree to an in-home sales presentation, you should always have a responsible family member or friend with you, and never agree to buy anything under duress. Remember it’s your bed, and you’re the one who will have to lie in it.

NOTE: Be very wary of retailers who do not disclose prices either on their websites or in their brochures, and who insist on sending out a sales rep to your home. 

We put our prices on the website, and in our brochures. Our price is the same for everyone; we don’t alter our rates based on the value or location of your home.

Specialist adjustable bed manufacturers

Our company has been making beds for nineteen years. We make our own bases and mattresses and we source our frames from a trusted supplier. We know the electrics and the frames inside out. We service and them repair them and maintain them regularly.

Sometimes customers have a simple problem with their bed, especially on first delivery. Maybe the foam combination isn’t quite right, or they’ve accidentally changed a pre-set position and need help putting it right.

If they bought their bed from a high-street retailer or online, they are often forced to replace the whole bed or left to work it out for themselves.

Often, a handset might need replacing. Because we’ve been around for so long now, occasionally a motor needs replacing. We can swap the motor, swap the foam, or swap the handset instead of disrupting the customer’s bedroom and life over a simple issue.

The thing that surprises most people is that buying direct from a manufacturer can also often be cheaper than buying through a retailer or distributor.

We had one customer come in with a quote from another supplier. When we worked out what he needed and added everything up, he was bracing himself for the price. When we told him the cost, he decided to upgrade his options. He ended up taking our top-of-the-range bed and he was still over the moon because it was half the price he had expected to pay for the basic model.

We’re able to do that because we don’t have the overheads of retail stores, or employ commission-based sales reps, and we pass those savings on to you.

Now let’s talk about what you need to know before you order an Abberley adjustable bed.