Health Benefits of an Electric Adjustable Bed

Daytime - An Abberley Electric Adjustable Bed may be helpful in providing relief in daytime too. Helping when muscles in various body zones are tense - for example to neck, shoulders, back, thighs and feet from Gardening Aches and Strains, Sports Injuries, Muscle Strain, Pulled Muscles, Tension etc.

Upper Back - Elevating the back puts less pressure on the upper back, (neck and shoulders).

Lower Back - Elevating the legs (pelvic tilt) puts reverse pressure on the lower back helping to strengthen lower back muscles.

Traction - Elevating the back and legs together then lowering them again provides traction on the vertebrae.

Contour - Elevating the back and legs, positions the lower back into the mattress, helping you relax for an improved sleep.

Breathing - Elevating the back puts less pressure on the ribs, giving your lungs more room, making breathing easier.

Circulation - Elevating the legs above your heart allows gravity to aid circulation.

Heart - Elevating the back allows gravity to assist your heart muscle.

Hips - Elevating the back and legs taking most of the weight off the hips; the body is being evenly supported.

Hiatus Hernia - Elevating the back to where you are most comfortable.

Luxury - Whether for health or pure luxury, an adjustable bed will provide you with more comfort.

Sleeping - Research has shown that by elevating the back and legs in a contour position help realign the weights and pressures on your vertebrae, the body is being evenly supported by taking most of the weight off the lower back. Circulation to the legs is improved, inducing sleep and the better the quality of sleep, the better we feel when we awake!

Massage - Provides a soothing and gentle relaxing motion over the entire area of the body for an improved sleep.

Relief from Aches, Pains and Tension - The pain-alleviating effect of massage has been known for centuries. Fast, controllable and soothing to specific areas of the body, relieving aches, pains, and tension. When massage is applied, blood vessels expand and blood circulation is promoted. This increases the supply of oxygen to the cells and the evacuation of waste products is improved, thus relaxing muscles and bringing relief.

The Medical Devices Regulations 2002 (as amended by S.I. No 1697) Adjustable Beds. Abberley Adjustable Beds are designed for domestic use only and are NOT ‘medical devices’ as defined in article 1(2a) for the purpose of: - diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease, - diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, alleviation or compensation for an injury or handicap, - investigation, replacement or modification of the anatomy or of a physiological process, - control of conception etc.